Teresa Gastevich

Teresa Gastevich

Teresa joined the Joondalup Family Centre Board in 2021, and after a time as Committee member, is now the Secretary.

Teresa is a teacher, teacher librarian and school counsellor. She has recently retired from a faith based school where she was teacher and counsellor and she held the position of Assistant Principal when she retired. Teresa is a passionate educator who firmly believes in inclusive education. She volunteers to run workshops with students and families in the areas of protective behaviours and building resilience in children.

Teresa’s planned retirement lasted 4 weeks when she was asked to work at another faith based school as the School Counsellor, she is still at the school after 4 years, retirement is now on hold.

Teresa is a volunteer counsellor and supervisor, supporting graduate counsellors as they set up their private practices. Volunteering is a big part of Teresa’s belief system and she enjoys adding value to the community and family through her commitment to others.